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Create & Publish Playlists On Multiple Channels

Drive Traffic To Your Videos Using Playlists

Rank for search with Playlists
Playlists are ranked as a part of the YouTube search results and you can rank for difficult keywords with playlists instead of videos.

Makes automation easier
No need to do things manually when automation can make things fast and simple. Right from finding topics, adding videos to publishing playlists, Playtraffic does it all.

Work In A Secure Environment
Don’t want to give your YouTube password to your employees? Just connect your channel to Playtraffic and let your employees create playlists without revealing your password.

Ease of use
Your fans who have shown engagement by commenting expect a response. Create sustained engagement + loyalty.

What Our Existing Users Think

Emmanuel Onyemelukwe

Wonderful Innovation and well-thought out. I really like the fact that you can add videos from other people and the fact that the playlist can be targeted by keywords and be published to multiple channels simultaneously.

Marcel Lisboa

Always love your youtube products... this one seems to be amazing

John Taylor

Playtraffic looks like a great new tool. I love the way it helps to create multiple playlists with just a few clicks.

Total Automation For YouTube Playlists On Your Desktop PC

Playtraffic is the most powerful Playlists automation system that you’ll set your eyes on.

It will make it easier for you to get traffic via playlists by making everything simple, right from selecting the Playlist topic to helping you find videos that you can put in the playlist and then publishing the Playlists to YouTube to your schedule.

Not just that, the powerful automation and manager lets you auto-create playlists, as well as manage existing playlists on your YouTube channels.

This is the best tool to harness the power of Playlists and make it work for you.

Find topics in your niche that you can create playlists on

Discover videos that you can put in the playlist

Add videos from your own channels in the playlists

Create automation that auto-creates playlists

Publish playlists instantly or schedule them

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