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Playtraffic Prelaunch


  • Breakthrough software unlocks new YouTube traffic source
  • No guru told you about this trick on YouTube
  • Coming up : World’s first playlist marketing software
  • You didn’t know about this way to get YouTube traffic
  • Sit up and notice, Fantastic new YouTube marketing breakthrough
Hello {name},
YouTube is truly huge and marketers have done so much work on YouTube that there’s no 
scope of finding a new marketing breakthrough. Right? Wrong!

Pay attention because I am going to tell you about something that’s never been done on 
YouTube before

This is Playtraffic, the world’s first playlist marketing software for YouTube. It unlocks a 100%
new traffic source for you from playlists.

See here


Playlists are first class citizens of YouTube. They get found in YouTube search results, and
you can even filter and get playlists alone.

Millions of viewers look for playlists every day.

So how can you use it to your advantage?

Just create playlists targeting your niche keywords and put your videos on top in it.

Simple, but killer-effective.

If you do it manually it’ll take too much time to do this and is not worth it. So don’t do it
manually, Playtraffic makes it ridiculously simple.

- Find tons of keywords to use as playlist titles in your niche
- Add your channel videos and find other videos from YouTube
- Create playlists and publish them instantly or schedule them on YouTube

All from within the software!

Important : It comes with powerful playlist marketing training that will show you how to use
the playlists for maximum traffic. That’s like not just getting the tool but also the roadmap.

Incredible stuff.

Playtraffic goes live on the 26th of January 2018 at 11 AM EST. 

Make sure you check it out right now and make it yours today. When you come back on 
26th, you will get a chance to buy at a super-discounted price because the first 2 hours are 
going to be early-bird.

Click on the link below and check it out. This page has all the details.


Let me know what you think.


Playtraffic Launch


  • New breakthrough gets you 100% free YouTube traffic
  • Any video marketer can get free traffic with this
  • This software generated 1M+ views a month on YouTube
  • The craziest new method to get organic YouTube traffic
  • Automate organic traffic from YouTube with new software + training
Hi {name},

Aren’t you already bored of all the ‘done-100-times-already’ systems and software for
YouTube traffic? There hasn’t been a single breakthrough in YouTube video marketing since 
some time.
Time was really ripe for this one.


This is Playtraffic a brand new app that helps you do playlist marketing on YouTube easily. It 
gets you fresh traffic from YouTube in 3 easy steps.

- Finds top Youtube keywords for your niche to create playlists
- Gets you the best videos to put in the playlist
- Creates your playlists (with your videos on top)

Your playlists get easier rankings because there’s ridiculously low competition for playlists, 
and you get top quality traffic coming to you 100% free.

It’s a completely new method, new system of marketing. No software like this exists a must 
have for every YouTube marketer.

Good news is, it just got launched and if you get it now you will get it at very low price. 
They’re increasing the price every few hours so make sure you check it out asap. Even if 
you decide not to get it, make sure you study the system.

Here’s the link


There’s the demo there, and full disclosure about the software.

One more thing - It comes with free training that tells you how to maximize playlist marketing. 
That’s included for a limited time, so make sure you visit now.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Ecommerce Angle


  • Get free YouTube traffic for your Ecom shop
  • Kill it with organic traffic on your store with this software
  • Ecom sellers are killing it with this YouTube software
  • You won’t want paid traffic after you look at this YouTube app
  • Save your Ecom $$ with free traffic software
Hi {name},

Is advertising your only traffic source for your ecom stores? That’s not smart, because your 
margins are under a lot of pressure. 

Imagine getting free organic traffic all day without having to spend a ton on video production.

Getting ranked and found for some of the top keywords in your niche.

This new YouTube marketing software makes it possible


It’s called Playtraffic, and it uses powerful playlist marketing technique to get you a lot of 
YouTube traffic. 

This is the first software of its kind. No playlist marketing and automation product has ever hit 
the market before this.

So if you’re interested in free traffic (who isn’t?) Click on the link above and check it out.

Remember, every sale you make from free traffic is added 100% to your margins. This is 
exactly what you need to achieve scale and mega profits.

Always for your ecom success.

Your friend


Listbuilding angle


  • Force YouTube to send you free new leads
  • New YouTube software gets you free leads all day
  • Build your list free from YouTube with this app
  • Add 100+ new subscribers a day from YouTube
Hello listbuilder,

I am very excited, cause I found something that’ll change organic listbuilding.

If your listbuilding efforts from YouTube have found little success so far, that’s about to 
change thanks to Playtraffic, an all new YouTube marketing software that has unlocked a 
totally new method to rank on YouTube for primary keywords.

With Playtraffic, you can drive traffic to your videos by putting them in playlists and ranking 
them for the keywords you’re targeting.

See the demo and how it works here


This is the easiest method to get ranked on YouTube because it’s easier to rank a playlist 
than a video.

Playlists get found in main Youtube search results, and they even have their own search 
section so you can get a lot of traffic very easily from them.

I know people who did all that manually earlier, but it’s a lot of hard work so never really 

But this software makes everything easy and is going to get you a lot of fresh subscribers.

It’s got automation!

- Get the right playlist titles for your niche
- Load them up with videos
- Publish instantly or schedule to YouTube

All done from inside the software.

Did I tell you that it also comes with special training that teaches you everything about 
playlist marketing?

It’s all in the link above.

Check it out!

Cyril Jeet


Playtraffic Closing


  • Playtraffic sale ends soon
  • Last chance to get YouTube playlist marketing software
  • Last chance to rank with YouTube playlists
  • Warning Playtraffic closing shortly
  • Get Playtraffic before the sale closes

This is the last call for Playtraffic. The special sale on this powerful new YouTube marketing 
software is coming to an end shortly and then you won’t be able to get it for a one-time price.

Yes, after the sale it’s going to sell at $37 a year. If you get in now though you can still get it 
for a one-time price.

Go here


Just to remind you. Playtraffic is the world’s first Playlist marketing software for YouTube.

It gets you a lot of free traffic from YouTube by letting you rank for big keywords through 

With it you can

- Get all the playlist titles for your niche on auto
- Create playlists in minutes featuring your videos
- Publish to YouTube with one click

It also supports scheduling you can drip feed playlists to YouTube and keep the traffic 
coming forever.

And it also includes Playlist marketing training that shows you how to maximize your video 
marketing traffic.

Don’t miss this one, it’s a real breakthrough and a 100% fresh software + method.

Here’s the link again


Let me know if you need anything.

Cyril Jeet


Small sized


  • Stop Youtube marketing now
  • You should quit YouTube marketing
  • I gave up on YouTube marketing
  • Quit YouTube
  • You need this if you wanna be a YouTube marketer
Hello {name},

I thought I know all about YouTube marketing, but when I saw this I just wanted to quit. Why 
didn’t I think of it!

Using playlists to get traffic. It’s ingenious even if you have to do it manually, but this guy 
actually went ahead and automated everything.


This is a software + training combo. Playtraffic is a powerful software from a pro YouTube 
marketer and it comes with extensive video training that shows how to do playlist marketing 

This is the same system and technique that helped create a multimillion viewer YouTube 
channel, all on auto.

Take a look and be blown away.




Playtraffic Teaser Video

Facebook Ad Templates

Here are some Facebook ad designs and copy for you in case you want to run Facebook ads for Playtraffic. This will work best if you have been grabbing people from your websites using a Facebook pixel. The second alternative is to upload your email list to Facebook and build a custom audience.

Facebook Ad No - #1

Unlock a 100% Fresh YouTube Marketing System

Get traffic from YouTube by ranking your videos with playlists.

Put your videos at the top of playlists and rank them for really tough keywords with this powerful new Playlist automation software for YouTube

Facebook Ad No - #2

World's First YouTube Playlist Automation Tool

Want traffic from YouTube? You can it from playlists. Here's a new software that makes it easy.

Create and publish featuring your videos and get free traffic from YouTube with this powerful new Playlist marketing tool.

Facebook Ad No - #3

Rank on YouTube For Impossible Keywords

You thought you could never rank for these keywords, but will change your mind.

With Playlists you can rank and get traffic from keywords you dared not target. Get Playtraffic and get started with Playlist marketing.